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The Pliable Plane: Join this first event in the Autumn series of Sto Werkstatt on October 16

October 16, 2018

'The Pliable Plane: Pattern in Surface and Structure' kicks off the autumn season of Sto Werkstatt with a conversation exploring the influence of Anni Albers. Chaired by Oli Stratford (Disegno) and featuring Adam Nathaniel Furman (Architectural Designer); Ann Coxon (Curator, Tate Modern); Anna Murray (Creative Director, Co-Founder Patternity) and Ptolemy Mann (Textile Artist, Designer and Colour Consultant).

This season of events takes its name from Albers’ essay The Pliable Plane: Textiles in Architecture (1957) and draws on themes she explores of surface pattern and structure, flexibility and responsiveness of materials, and adaptability of a buildings programme. The Pliable Plane will delve into these themes through hands-on material workshops, discussions and guided tours taking place in London and Amsterdam.
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