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Sto Werkstatt in London, UK now offers online CPD seminars

January 22, 2021

As a member of the RIBA Continuing Professional Development Providers Network Sto Werkstatt London are now offering, online, and on demand, two RIBA approved CPDs and a range of inspirational mini-lectures and events for architects and consultants in the region.

The short presentations on the subjects of specifying façade systems abroad and how to achieve good acoustics as well as an insight into considerations of sustainable building products and building in hot climates may be conducted via most common digital channels.

For an appointment please contact us via our International Project Support Hub and material library in London. Alternately an overview of our sample availability during lockdown as well as support services may be viewed at

Nadja Lavin
Material & Sustainability Consultant
+44 20 7222 2221

RIBA CPD seminars at Sto Werkstatt