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StoVentec M

Seamless, rainscreen cladding facade with glass mosaic
StoVentec M

Products and systems vary from location to location due to local building regulations and standards. We strongly advise you to make contact, your local expert will be happy to consult you on standards and approval.

System advantages

  • for the design of custom, shiny surfaces made of glass mosaic
  • benefits in terms of building physics thanks to rear ventilation of the facade (humidity, sound and thermal protection)
  • curved shapes possible
  • great freedom of design due to combinations of colours and formats with no limitation to the light reflectance value
  • unevenness can be levelled by means of an adjustable sub-construction
  • lowest thermal bridging coefficient due to bespoke sub-construction made from a combination of stainless steel and aluminium
  • passivhaus-certified sub-construction possible that is free from thermal bridges
  • highly weather-resistant
  • very high crack resistance
  • high reliability due to system solution with matched components

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  • Specification texts

Specification texts

  • non-combustible


Thermal protection

  • mineral wool faced with nonwoven
  • thick insulant layer possible
  • system implementation also possible without insulation

Reaction to fire

  • class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102-1, limited combustibility
  • in a defined system build-up, class A2-s1, d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1 when using the StoVentec Carrier Board A or in accordance with national standards when using the StoVentec Carrier Board
  • fire barriers may be required in accordance with national specifications

Impact resistance

  • shock-proof and impact-resistant
  • highly resistant to mechanical stress

Wind load

  • can be applied to all wind load areas by adapting the sub-construction spacings without visible impact

Sound insulation

  • improvement of up to 12 dB (A) in the sound reduction index
  • derived from the tested system build-up of StoVentec R
  • 27769
  • 17371_1


Area of application

  • new and existing buildings, installation limits in accordance with national building regulations
  • sub-construction consisting of a wall bracket and carrier profile (StoVentro Y): large system build-ups are possible, e.g. > 60 cm, suitable for the passivhaus standard with a certified sub-construction


  • masonry, e.g. brick, calcium silicate masonry units, cellular concrete, fair-faced masonry and masonry veneer
  • concrete, concrete slab construction
  • timber frame construction


  • sub-construction consisting of a wall bracket and carrier profile (StoVentro Y): easily adjustable sub-construction made of a stainless steel and aluminium combination with the lowest thermal bridging coefficients
  • in timber frame construction with timber supporting battens


  • complete selection of detail solutions
  • fast installation
  • curves can be implemented

Creative possibilities

Design options

  • glass mosaic
  • glossy surface with a depth effect
  • can be combined with three-dimensional facade elements made of Verolith granulate

Colour spectrum

  • extensive selection of brilliant and intense colour shades



The relevant European and/or national approvals apply.

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