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Energy-efficient facades

An investment in insulation pays a dividend in the future
  • Energy efficient facades

    Sto facade insulation systems enable architects and designers to work with considerable freedom in terms of creativity and design. Their high performance components mean they can meet all common international energy-conservation standards in construction.

    Whether it's a low energy house, Passivhaus, or energy-plus building, the energy consumption of modern buildings is a decisive sign of quality. The high performance range of façade insulation systems from Sto Group allows designers to achieve the highest environmental performance standards without compromising creativity in facade design whilst conserving energy.

    We offer a wide range of insulation material types, EPS, PIR, Mineral Wool, Timber fibre & Mineral foam, all carefully tried and tested to ensure compatibility with the composite system build ups.

  • Facade insulation systems

    Facade Insulation Systems

    Sto external wall insulation systems (EWIS) and ventilated rainscreen cladding facades (RSC) offer a wide range of design possibilities in terms of form, colour scheme and surface texture. The following surface finishes may be combined with EWIS and RSC:

    - Render/stucco

    - Brick slips, glazed, unglazed or synthetic

    - Glass

    - Glass mosaic

    - Natural stone

    - Ceramics

    - Photovoltaics (for energy generation)

    Sto facade systems in your country

  • Insulating ensures a pleasant indoor environment throughout the year, regardless of climate..

    thermography, Energy-efficient facades

    High-quality, professionally installed insulation cuts heating costs by conserving energy, helps protect the environment and provides for a pleasant indoor climate throughout the year. In the winter it keeps in the heat to ensure a comfortable ambient interior climate, while in the summer it keeps the heat out to maintain a refreshingly cool interior.

    Two factors are decisive here:

    - The thermal conductivity of the building materials used.

    - The avoidance of so-called "thermal bridges" which allow expensive heat to escape.

    Professionally installed Sto external wall insulation systems are free of thermal bridging and consist of building materials with minimal thermal conductivity.

  • Three-dimensional facade systems and elements

    Three dimensional energy efficient facade systemes

    Sto Group offers high-precision solutions for EWIS and RSC based on integrated digital process chains. Our individual digital engineering service enables facades to be designed in three dimensions at every stage of the process - from the initial design, analysis and data generation right through to CNC production.

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