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Inspirational Facades

Coloured Facades

Our wide range of materials includes fade-resistant through-coloured render, modular glass panels, ceramic tiles and cladding to provide you with an inspiring, comprehensive and versatile toolkit for your creative ambitions. The juxtaposition of these surfaces while using the same substrate allows for the easy implementation of design ideas.


Stippled or rilled textures depending on the grain size are classics in render. In addition bespoke surface techniques are able to significantly enhance the surface design options, allowing seamless or even concrete like surfaces to be created. Materials such as glass beads or siliciumcarbid added to the render expand the visual appearance of the surface and give it an individual expression. These bespoke surfaces have been structured by Sto to form the StoSignature range making it easier for the designer to specify, and the applicators to produce.


Our finishes and façade insulation systems are generally non-loadbearing and very light-weight. This means they provide wide scope to experiment with the building’s form. Large, seamless, curved or facetted facades are easy to create, while at the same time reaching the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency.


The Sto range of finishes, surfaces, 3D facade elements and cladding components are designed to work alongside each other, resulting in the ultimate toolkit for distinctive facades that allows designers to easily juxtapose materials at will.

Material Composition

Like the wrinkles of a face, the patina that builds on surfaces tells a story. Our renders, plasters and stucco materials come in a range of binders. Silicate bound renders are the preferred choice for restoring buildings to retain this patina, whereas Silicone or Acrylic cement-free renders provide a monolithic uniform appearance and are necessary to achieve strong vibrant colours. Pastel colour shades, infinite textures and even 3D elements are also at your disposal to bring facades to life.

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