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Surfaces define the appearance of a building. Sto Group offers a wide range of different surface materials, including render, glass, stone or 3-dimensional façade elements, that allow a multitude of textures, patterns, shapes and sizes. Sto Group’s goal is to give you creative control over the appearance of a building, achieving high quality, sustainable results.

  • Render

    Surfaces - Render

    Render offers an wide range of possibilities in surface character and appearance, and the perception of a building can be changed dramatically through the choice of render used.

    By adding marble grain to the mix a render can be used to create a rilled texture, allowing the craftsperson to score the surface either vertically, horizontally or randomly in a worm-like pattern. Homogenous grain-free material gives the craftsperson almost unlimited freedom, allowing tool choice and technique to determine the pattern type, size and texture. The choice of binder within a render can also radically change its surface character. Cement-free renders provide surfaces with a uniformity of appearance, even when wet, while mineral renders increase the degree of patina through a mottled appearance that is further highlighted by water.


  • Glass

    Surfaces - Glass

    Glass surfaces are usually associated with the clean, pristine lines of modern architecture. However glass offers much more.

    Panel format, size and shape has a huge effect on the perceived scale of a building. Modern printing techniques can be used to change the reflectivity or suggest shadow on a building’s surface. Printing techniques can also be used to create subtle or bold patterns, or even be used for dramatic advertising purposes.


  • Ceramic

    Surfaces - Ceramic

    The raw material which forms the basis of bricks is known as loam: a mixture of sand, silt, and clay.

    Of these constituents, clay plays the crucial role in determining the material's mechanical properties after the firing process, while colour is determined by the addition of various aggregates. The design options offered by bricks and clinker bricks are expanded by a multitude of different bonds and alignments, material heights, thicknesses and combinations.


  • Stone

    Surfaces - Stone

    Every piece of stone is unique. Created millions of years ago under high pressure and at high temperature, natural stone is admired worldwide for its characterful appearance and resilience. When applied over an external insulation system, stone offers a wide range of design options.

    Limestone from Sto’s own quarries in Southern Germany is available in a variety of different colours. They range from smoky dark or blue hues to reds, yellows, ochres, browns and greys. Surface treatments, such as polishing, sandblasting and brushing can significantly influence and alter the visual appearance of stone, further extending the design options available to the architect.


  • 3D Facade Elements

    Surfaces - 3D Facade Elements

    Monolithic panels offer the designer wide scope in terms of a building’s surface composition. The boards or profiles are simply bonded and mechanically fixed to the building envelope. Sto uses modern CAD CAM techniques to form our materials into almost any shape and apply surface patterns. In this way elements such as entrances or important spaces are emphasised and decoration or even signage can be incorporated into the surface. Sto’s range of coatings in differing textures and colours complement and reinforce the character of the surface.


  • Acoustic

    StoSilent Panel, Surfaces - Acoustic

    A high level of acoustic quality is critical in creating the right ambience within interior spaces and the requirements for different rooms and surfaces are highly individual.

    Sto Group’s range of flexible acoustic systems can be used to create a tailored solution for any space, providing architects and designers with the means and materials to design acoustically perfect rooms without putting few limits on creativity. Sto Acoustic Systems are designed to provide a range of acoustic conditions to enable maximum optimisation of the acoustics in each room.


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