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About us

  • For the love of building

    Building with Conscience.
    A building that is built the right way, is built to last: with the right partner, the right materials and with the future in mind. We bring your projects to life. Together. Aesthetically, sustainably and functionally.

    Building with Sto means ​acting sustainably.
    Sustainability has the highest priority at Sto- both on a product level and on a company level. Our facade insulation systems are just one example of many: from 1965 to 2020, they saved around 370 million tonnes of CO2. Thanks to findings from our research & development expert team, our products and systems make it possible to create eco-friendly buildings and execute energy-efficient refurbishments. Our headquarters in Stühlingen runs on green electricity and has also obtained climate protection certificates to compensate for their carbon emissions. Our aim is it to become fully climate-neutral by 2040.

  • Sto Group

    K-Building, Sto Group, major international manufacturer of products and systems for building coatings

    We are a leading international manufacturer of products and systems for both external and interior walls and ceiling as well as industrial floor surfaces.

    Our business is known first and foremost for our cement-free plaster/render finishes and reinforcement which, when used as part of our external wall insulation systems (EWIS) and rainscreen cladding systems, offer a huge choice of attractive, durable, energy-saving and hence cost effective options for refurbishment or new-build construction.

    In addition to our comprehensive range of façade renders and intelligent technology paints we also offer a portfolio of sound absorbing acoustic systems and solutions for concrete restoration.

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  • News-Center

    Sto-News, latest updates about products, systems, events or upcoming trade show appearances

    For the latest updates about products, systems, events or upcoming trade show appearances please check our news section.

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  • Your global project support team in London

    Your global project support hub in London - a resource of inspiration and knowledge for the architecture and building industry

    We are a resource of inspiration, knowledge and advice for the architecture and building industry. Based in the heart of Clerkenwell London, we aim to support Architects, Designers and Acousticians with samples, specifications, details and consultation as well as CPDs on the themes of render, insulated and rainscreen cladding systems and acoustic reverberation control systems.

    Our global reach and advice is bespoke to your projects' geographical location and environmental demands.

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  • Investor Relations

    Investor Relations - international manufacturer of products and systems for building coatings

    Sto is a major international manufacturer of products and systems for building coatings.

    In 2018, consolidated turnover amounted to around EUR 1.33 billion. The company is a leader in the business field of external wall insulation systems. Sto's core product range also includes high-quality facade elements, as well as renders, plasters, and paints for building exteriors and interiors alike. There is also a focus on concrete repair and floor coatings as well as acoustic and rainscreen cladding systems.

    Investor Relations at Sto

  • Sto Foundation

    Sto Foundation - support young people in their technical and academic trading

    Ensuring success in the future means laying the groundwork today. For this reason, the Sto Foundation was established in 2005 to support young people in their technical and academic training and provide funding for building projects with a lasting social value.

    The Sto Foundation aims to promote building with a conscience. In addition to skills training, participants in the Foundation’s activity are encouraged to develop their awareness of social responsibility, as well as the importance of designing living space tailored to environmental and human needs.

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  • Mission and Values

    Mission and Values - global leader in the sustainable design of living space tailored to human needs

    Sto is a global leader in the sustainable design of living space tailored to human needs.

    Maintaining the value of buildings and ensuring their aesthetic appeal poses a constant challenge. In close cooperation with our market partners, we at Sto develop innovative, functional products and systems for use in creating and shaping building components and surfaces for internal and external use. We also advise our customers on all technical and design matters.

    Close relations with market partners: Our close and personal contact with our market partners enables us to recognise and meet their needs. We aim to support our partners continually by excelling in all our core competencies.

  • Career

    Career - we invest in people

    We invest in people – we want the best team that is fulfilled in its work and that supports our business. People are the key factor that set Sto Group apart from its competitors.

    They are also the closest link to our market partners. It is for this reason that the company actively supports and promotes the professional and personal development of its employees. If you are ready for a new challenge, Sto Group would be delighted to welcome you to the team!

    Join the Sto family and be part of our success story.

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  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Today, Sto Group is a global brand that retains the culture of a family-run firm, with an interest in long-term benefit over short-term gain that guides the development of its business. Adherence to legal and ethical standards, responsible financial governance and a strategy designed for sustainability are the cornerstones of the Sto Group philosophy.

    The company takes the long view in its dealings with others and in the way it treats the environment. In an increasingly complex world, in which ecological and social concerns have become just as relevant as the challenge of economics, adopting a sustainable approach to business activities is essential to achieve long-term success.

  • Service

    Service - global company, far-reaching network with experts and services

    We are a global company with subsidiaries, offices, production plants and sales staff around the globe. No matter where you want to realise your project, no matter where you are based, you can always rely on this far-reaching network with experts and services close to you.

    We understand your unique needs, and deliver the smart, innovative materials and solutions that make your job easier. That’s what makes us an innovative leader in the building industry. But we don’t stop there.

    We understand your unique needs and create smart materials and solutions to help you work efficiently. We combine that commitment to product support and innovation with our StoDesign and other services to provide integrated solutions for façade insulation, interiors, acoustics, floor coatings and concrete restoration unmatched in the industry.

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