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  • Building in Colour - film & exhibition

    Building in Colour - watch the film

    A short documentary exploring the role of materiality and colour in architecture, taking the work of Stirling Prize winning architect Michael Wilford CBE (1938–2023) as it's starting point.

    Find out more - Building in Colour

  • Inspirational facades - a wide variety of design options

    Inspirational facades

    A complete range of systems and surfaces for creative possibilities: Render, glass, ceramic tiles, stone and 3D elements allow a wide variety of design options. Be inspired

  • coloured render, coloured facade, luminous yellow, inspirational façades, bright colours, deep colors, colored facade

    Aesthetics and thermal performance

    The combination of a façade insulation system and intelligent technology finishes help retain the aesthetics whilst saving energy.

    Learn more

  • coloured façade, colored façade, earthy colours, saturated tones, muted shades, coloured building envelope, through tinted,

    Monochromatic potential

    A full range of façade materials, coatings and laquers allow for a careful coordination of colour tones creating a cohesive visual language.

    Learn more.

  • Global presence, local knowledge

    Global presence, local knowledge

    We aim to support your work with specifications, details and advice that are bespoke to your project's geographical location, and environmental demands. Contact us

  • Sound acoustics - Seamless acoustic surfaces

    Sto acoustics: Unseen architecture

    Learn about the possibilities of seamless acoustic systems from Sto via our online, on-demand insight sessions here.

    Image credit Ste Murray

  • Energy-efficient building refurbishment, energy-efficient refurbishment, sustainability

    For the love of building

    Building with Conscience

    A building that is built the right way, is built to last: with the right partner, the right materials and with the future in mind. Find out more.

Unique facades, acoustic surfaces and more

Insulated Façade Systems: the ideal solution for the residential sector

As one of the pioneers of external wall insulation systems, (EWI) sometimes referred to as insulated render or ETICs, we can look back on over 50 years of experience. We offer a variety of solutions for the insulation of new build housing and the upgrading/ refurbishment of existing building alike. Our systems offer an excellent solution for the reduction of heating or cooling cost and can make a considerable contribution to, for example, the EU’s goals of climate neutrality by 2050. When applied to our thermal insulation systems the choice of render, brick slips, veneers as well as portfolio of tiles and façade profiles are ideal for every kind of residential project.

Whether small scale, domestic, single family housing, terraced housing or high rise apartments, we have a system for all technical demands and budget whilst simultaneously helping to reduce carbon emission.

StoSignature - bespoke façade surfaces

Historically façade surfaces have always been a composite of the material available and the skill of tradesmen involved. With our new Signature range we have developed and formalised a logical, structured approach to specifying rendered surfaces.

Texture + Effects = unlimited combinations:
Using state of the art through-coloured materials with additional effects such as metallic sheen coating, washes and glazes or applied granulates give you almost unlimited design scope.

Coloured Facade Possibilities: Playing with hues and shades

Our wide range of materials includes fade-resistant through-coloured render, modular glass panels, ceramic tiles and cladding to provide you with an inspiring, comprehensive and versatile toolkit for your creative ambitions. The juxtaposition of these surfaces while using the same substrate allows for the easy implementation of design ideas.

Creative possibilities with seamless and modular acoustic systems

Seamless, suspended or modular acoustic systems increase the quality of sound in a room, but they also leave room for the creative ideas of the designer. Acoustic board systems, acoustic sails and acoustic plaster finishes allow experimentation with a variety of different textures, shapes and colours.

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