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Sto is founded on a culture of research and development combined with the highest standards of manufacturing. Our range of materials and systems forms the basis for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Sto’s clients rely on the quality and performance of our products, supported by worldwide expertise and tailored services to provide outstanding results for projects of any size and specification.

  • Facade systems & surface finishes

    Sto facade insulation systems, high performance specification

    Sto facade insulation systems enable architects and designers to work with considerable freedom in terms of creativity and design. Their high performance specification means they could meet all common international energy-saving standards in construction.

    Whether it's a low energy house, Passivhaus, or energy-plus building, the energy balance of modern buildings is a decisive sign of quality. The high performance range of façade insulation systems from Sto Group allows designers to achieve the highest environmental performance standards without compromising creativity in facade design.

    Facade systems

    Facade surface finishes

  • Interior

    Interior - heathy living

    There can be no compromise when it comes to healthy living. For this reason Sto Group adheres to the most stringent emission standards as a matter of course when developing its interior products.

    The entire Sto range of interior plasters and paints is free from plasticisers and solvents in accordance with TÜV standards. Natural materials such as loam and lime are used to carefully regulate the ambient interior climate thanks to their ability to absorb and release moisture again. Sto Group's interior products range offers designers an abundance of opportunities for surface decoration: paints, patterns, materials, and textures turn interiors into creative spaces.


  • Acoustic

    Acoustic - creating the right ambience within interior spaces

    A high level of acoustic quality is critical in creating the right ambience within interior spaces and the requirements for different rooms and surfaces are highly individual.

    Sto Group’s range of flexible acoustic systems can be used to create a tailored solution for any space, providing architects and designers with the means and materials to design acoustically superior rooms whilst putting few limits on creativity. Sto Acoustic Systems are designed to provide a range of acoustic conditions to enable maximum optimisation of the acoustics in each room.


  • Floor Coating

    Floor Coating - StoCretec

    StoCretec features an extensive variety of products and systems to meet a diverse range of construction challenges.

    Floor coating systems by StoCretec withstand both light and heavy stresses, offer chemical resistance, are visually attractive and are free from harmful chemicals in accordance with REACH standards. They are tailored to specific areas of application, including:

    • Industrial facilities
    • Trade and public facilities
    • Parking decks
    • Cleanrooms
    • Balconies


  • Concrete Restoration

    Concrete Restoration - incredible building material

    Concrete is an incredible building material – whether considered from an economic, process engineering, static or even architectural point of view.

    However, if it’s steel reinforcement corrodes, the appearance and potentially the structural soundness of reinforced concrete can be adversely affected. Therefore, concrete protection and concrete restoration are enormously important. Our range of preventive concrete protection starts with water repellent impregnation and ends with crack-bridging coatings. If the concrete is already damaged, systems for repair provide the necessary remedy.


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