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Why insulate on the outside of the facade ?

Combining thermal performance with aesthetics
  • Benefits & advantages of exterior insulation

    Norton Museum of Art, USA by Foster + Partners - featuring an exterior wall insulation system with render surface finish

    • Make it better, make it beautiful
      Exterior wall insulation gives many functional benefits, potentially increases the value and lifespan of the building, and offers a wide range of exciting finishes for a beautiful facade - on refurbishment and new buildings alike
    • Energy efficiency & low carbon architecture
      Insulating the outside of a building can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling, improving thermal comfort while saving costs
    • Maximise internal space
      Internal wall insulation can reduce the usable internal space available, particularly on refurbishment projects
    • Minimal disruption to occupants during maintenance or retrofit projects
      Unlike interior insulation, an external wall insulation can be carried out without displacing building occupants

  • Improving aesthetics as an opportunity to save energy

    • save energy and improve the appearance of your facade
    • refurbishment, renovation of buildings to meet green deal standards
      Before: typical 1960s building | After thermal & material renovation
    • brick, clay tiles, clay brick slips
      A range of cement free & extruded clay tiles
    • render, crack resistent, coloured render, colored render
      Cement-free, through-tinted, crack-resistant plaster, textured render

    The design or refurbishment of the exterior façade of a building - be it with a Sto plaster, intelligent technology coating, brick slip veneer or ceramic cladding system offers the opportunity to enhance the appearance and value of a building & simultaneously thermally upgrade (insulate) the building envelope. This also makes a significant contribution the reduction of carbon emissions whilst saving energy.

    Applying a Sto external wall insulation system (EWI, ETICs) or rainscreen cladding system to the outside of a load-bearing wall allows the designer, via the thickness of insulation chosen, to assess and determine the balance between energy saving, economic investment and environmental impact. With a choice of façade materials in terms of colour texture and pattern, the designer has huge aesthetic freedom either with or without a composite layer of insulation.

  • How do I insulate my new or existing facade effectively?

    mineral wool, EPS, StoTherm Insulation Systems
    A selection of insulation materials are available for most building types

    Applying a Sto façade insulation system to the front face of the building ensures that heating and cooling energy is saved, but it also means that the building fabric- the load-bearing construction is kept at a constant temperature hence reducing thermal expansion and contraction, which may cause cracking, and increases the temperature of the internal wall surfaces creating a pleasant interior environment. Increasing the internal wall surface temperature reduces the risk of condensation.

    The application may be carried out by professional applicators whilst the inhabitants are in the building with the minimum of disruption.

  • What support can Sto offer us ?

    • refurbishment, renovation, insulation, facade aesthestics, brick, render
      Contextural design to match with the local materials
    • refurbishment, renovation, brick tiles, clay brick tiles
      Visualisation to help the inhabitants understand the proposal
    • brick, design with brick slips, clay brick slips
      Material proposal to define individual areas
    • building physics calculation, external wall insulation, renovation, refurbishment
      Technical building physics analysis related to local climatic conditions

    Technical support & design visualisation:

    At our global locations and using state of the art U-value or dew point calculation tools, we are able to advise you as a design and construction professionals on the anticipated effects of applying insulation at your locality, in your individual climatic conditions, regardless of hot and humid, cold or wet. This allows us to suggest the most appropriate solution suitable for your building.

    Sto also offers material advice and a visual design service to housing authorities and construction partners to enable them to visualise the improvements being suggested.
  • Want to know more ?

    Maggies Centre

    Sto has an online and on-demand continuing development presentation (CPD) available to design professionals “Innovative façade solutions with external wall insulation” here.

    The Sto CPD is intended to give an insight into:

    The benefits of choosing a Sto system in comparison to alternative insulation technologies available.:

    How to match the appropriate solution to the building specification requirement - height, wind load, climate and standards.

    Detailing solution with a range of surface finishes: Render/ plaster/ stucco, clay bricks, resin brick slips and facade profiles.

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