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The importance of good acoustics

  • Why is it important to control sound reverberation?

    Acoustic sound reverberation, Echo control

    We spend approx. 95% percent of our time inside, either working, learning, socialising, recuperating or as part of our leisure time. For this reason the acoustic quality of our offices, meeting and conference spaces , public buildings, education or even private residential spaces is essential for our health and wellbeing as well as for productivity.

    By controlling sound reverberation or “echo” and noise of interior spaces it is possible to improve the quality of our living and working environment.

  • Improving the acoustics of living & working spaces

    • stress reduction, acoustic system, echo control, sound reduction, peace and quiet
      Living Space - increasing comfort
    • echo control, quiet environment
      Retail Space- prolonging presence
    • echo control, reduce clattering
      Working space- improving intilligability and promoting understanding
    • sound reverberation control, peace and quiet
      Gallery and Museums- providing peace and quiet and allowing for reflection
    • sound control, noise reduction
      New Clinics/ health - providing calm and reducing stress

    Designing absorbent surfaces into a room can improve communication, reducing stress and improving the quality of life for the inhabitants.

    Traditionally this was achieved with furnishing- curtains, carpets, sofas or even planting. Sto seamless acoustic ceiling, wall lining, acoustic plaster and absorbent elements, such as baffles and canopies, allow spaces to be created without these appendages or restrictions on appearance and architectural design. Sto acoustic systems may be regarded as “invisible architecture” & are not restricted to concert halls, museums or gallery spaces, but most areas where sound treatment and excellent acoustics are required, even in private homes. For most situations Sto has a simple, functional and cost-effective solution.

  • Colour, texture, form and invisible solutions

    sound reverberation control, acoustic system, peace and quiet

    Sto has been a leader in the development of acoustic solutions for over 35 years. We offer a complete portfolio of sound absorbing solutions which can be equipped with a variation of textures and colours. For smaller projects, where professional acoustic engineers are not employed, we are able to give advice and provide Architects and interior design professionals an indication of the anticipated improvement in the sound reverberation values the “echo times” as well as noise reduction for the common range of frequencies based on room use, adapted to your individual project.

    Looking for an overview of surface textures, colours and sample, click here.

  • Acoustic systems for every construction type

    • acoustic panels, sound reverberation control
      StoSilent Direct- space saving. "disapears" when dark colours & pendulum lights are used
    • seamless acoustic system, echo control, noise reduction
      StoSilent Distance C- suspended ceilings & wall linings
    • suspended acoustic panels, noise reduction,
      StoSilent Modular- Standard/ Bespoke retrofit panels hung via suspension cables

    Regardless of your type of interior space there is a seamless or modular StoSilent system solution:

    StoSilent Distance C: innovative sub-construction & adhesively fixed of boards
    StoSilent Distance S: screw fixed panels, grid & counter-grid sub-construction

    StoSilent Direct: space saving directly bonded system

    StoSilent Modular: retrofit panelised canopies, big range of shapes, textures & colours

    StoSilent Compact: plaster systems for curved surfaces for limited space availability

    Unsure which is appropriate? Click here for the system selector.

  • Want to know more ?

    echo control

    Sto has an online and on-demand continuing development presentation (CPD) available to design professionals “how to achieve good acoustics” here.

    The Sto presentation is intended to give an insight into why & where acoustics are needed as well as how the integration of seamless ceiling and wall linings may be considered to be “invisible architecture” for atria, conference, education, leisure and health care spaces.

    The acoustic systems overview will allow you to understand how to specify acoustic treatment, how good acoustics can improve comfort, intelligibility and learning as well as understand acoustic absorption classifications and standards.

    The CPD also features a range of global reference projects and a short case study of the Alvaro Siza building Angra do Heroismo, in Portugal.

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