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Facade surface finishes overview

A full range of standard & bespoke facade surface materials for a beautiful finish

Sto's portfolio of surface finish materials help to create beautiful and durable facades. Colour, texture, form, function, detail and unique combinations unleash infinite creativity. Many of these materials can be used either with or without insulation, and are compatible with various Sto facade systems. Ultimately, the facade surface finish combines performance and aesthetics, making it a powerful first impression and positions the building in its neighbourhood.

*Please note: Specific products & systems may not be available or suitable for all locations due to local building regulations and standards. Please contact your local Sto expert for advice on locally available products and systems.

  • 27480_stoventec_s
    Natural stone tiles applied to a rainscreen cladding system
  • boarding_house_lupburg_46090_2400_1600
    Coated 3D sculpted facade panels
  • green_oak_arcueil_09
    Glass mosaic facade
  • papiermuseum_dueren__45040_2400_1200
    Render facade with stencil technique
  • sir_peter_cook_innovation_studio_university_bournemouth_32100_2400_1600
    Render facade - fine texture
  • educational_centre_frastanz_austria_52540_2400_1600
    Render facade - rough texture
  • Render


    Render, also known as plaster or stucco, offers almost infinite design possibilities in terms of texture, colour, sheen, applied additives and bespoke techniques. This broad product category contains many varients, utilising the unique properties of their respective ingredient components for their specific advantages, making some more suited to certain conditions and applications than others. The materials are available with cement-free, acrylic, silicone or silicate binders as well as with a range of intelligent technology attributes.

    Find out more about Sto render

  • Concrete effect


    Recreate the distinctive concrete look using sustainable and cement-free materials from Sto. A variety of concrete surface textures can be achieved with StoSignature render. Smooth, textured and even formed concrete surface impresssions are just some of the customisable finish surfaces made possible with Sto.

    Find out more about creating a concrete effect facade

  • Wood effect


    The warmth and texture of wood can be replicated with Sto's innovative products, ideal for use in locations where natural wood is not suitable, for example because of environmental conditions and moisture.

    Find out more about creating a wood effect facade

  • Brick & brick effect


    The terminology around the material brick and brick slips when used as a facade veneer is confusing and frequently also refers to the terms 'ceramics' or in Europe 'klinker' and sometimes simply as brick tiles, thin bricks, or elements.

    Our StoBrick portfolio includes a range of authentic clay brick slips created by the same processes used to create a traditional brick. These include slips cut from hand moulded or water struck bricks, but we also offer tiles created using an extrusion process which reduces considerably the amount of material required during manufacture. The slips are then fired in a kiln to provide a range of textures, colours and formats.

    Find out more about StoBrick clay brick slips & other brick effect options

  • Stone & stone effect


    Natural stone facades have shaped the history of architecture since ancient times. Even the Egyptians and Greeks relied on the robustness of natural stone when building their pyramids and temples. Even today, natural stone facades are in vogue. This is because it combines high-quality architecture with a lower carbon footprint. With StoStone natural stone tiles, facade planners can fulfil a client's desire for ecological and long-lasting building materials. In combination with our proven facade insulation systems, sustainability, function and aesthetics go hand in hand.

    Find out more about natural stone & stone effect facades

  • Ceramic tiles


    Ceramic tiles are a traditional favourite for interiors, providing beauty, durability and protection. They are also a stunning option for a building facade, bringing the design flexibility and aesthetic variety of tiling to the exterior. Incorporated into selected Sto facade systems, this material can create a striking statement, whether used selectively or across large sections of a building.

    Find out more about StoCera ceramic tiles

  • Render tiles


    Sto's innovative, prefabricated render tiles are manufactured from our own cement-free render providing the same durable, weatherproof and highly impact resistant properties as synthetic render but with a vast range of design and aesthetic potential:

    • StoCleyer B - brick impression render tiles
    • StoCleyer W - wood impression render tiles
    • concrete impression render tiles
    • StoEcoshapes - geometric shape render tiles
    • cusomised render tiles

    There is a range of off-the-shelf products readily available, however should your building require a unique solution such as matching the colour and texture of an existing surface on a refurbishment or heritage project, Sto may be able to work with you to create a bespoke solution.

    Find out more about render tiles

  • Glass panels, photovoltaics & glass mosaic


    Glass has always impressed humans. As a facade material, glass satisfies the architectural need for aesthetics. At the same time, it is weather-resistant, durable and 100% recyclable. Buildings that require a sustainable facade design that combines functionality, durability and aesthetics benefit from tailor-made solutions for the design of brilliant glass facades. Depending on the architectural concept, this facade material can be used to create glass surfaces ranging from matt, shimmering, high-gloss, to reflective. They can even be painted to achieve unique patterns and incorporate artwork.

    Find out more about StoVentec Glass panel facades

    Find out more about photovoltaic facade panels

    Find out more about StoGlass Mosaic facade tiles

  • 3D sculpted facade profiles & panels


    Design in three dimensions with sculpted elements

    Whether restoring traditional buildings, or creating something contemporary - these 3D sculpted facade elements and panels are lightweight, highly customisable and can be used independently or easily combined with any other facade material. Made from a perlite-based material Verolith, this system is available as standard architectural profiles or bespoke designs, precision-cut using state of the art computer-aided CNC manufacturing processes. This allows existing details to be either reproduced or new three dimensional elements, patterns, textures or graphics to be created within the material. Our team will advise on how to create even large scale almost seamless facade elements.

    Find out more about StoDeco sculpted facade profiles & panels

  • Cable trellis for green walls


    Designed to be used with Sto's exterior wall insulation systems, this cable trellis supports climbing plants to create a live, green facade.

    Find out more

  • Facade paints & coatings



    StoColor Metallic

    Find out more

  • Wood treatments & coatings


    Sto products for treating natural wood

    Find out more

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